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Written by Edward Eastman   
Saturday, 10 August 2013 19:00

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I cycle. I also recycle, but that is a different story and definitely not germane to this post.

When cycling, I notice images. All kinds of images. And not carrying my XT-1 with me, I'm limited to my iPhone, which I do carry with me. It helps The Wif keep track of me in case of emergencies - not that I've ever had one, but it's best not argue with a Wif when asked to take ones iPhone, but that too is not germane to this post. (Notice a trend shaping up? No? Hmmmm.)

One type of photography I work on is street photography - and that is germane to this post.

So what exactly is "street" photography when you're out cycling in the country? There are very few "streets" but lots of roads. Is there such a thing as "road photography"?

There is now!!!

Hey look I invented a new field of photography!! (Wait until you see the images and then you'll get the pun.)

When cycling and huffing and puffing up the very small inclines in a very easy gear (hey, I'm getting on in years here! and there is a limit as one ages!!), I notice clouds, blue sky and hay bales or rows of corn or other green stuff. Some of the green stuff I have no idea what it is, but corn I recognize.

To me these are patterns of nature (even if the lack of rain has made the corn Hobbit like) and for me, these are image making opportunities only if I'm willing to stop and make an image. However, most days I"m hell bent on moving my butt along as quickly as possible as I really enjoy the physical sensation of cycling (again not really germane to this post, but hey it is my post and not yours.)

Cycling gives me time to think of things besides what gear I'm in, or should be in, as the wind and the odd bug blow by my face. Cycling is a very relaxing, if at times, a physically demanding activity. Physical exercise frees the mind and the soul. And some of the places my mind goes... is not germane to this post.

Clouds have been a favourite topic of mine for a long time. And so the other day, I saw some clouds that really moved me to stop and make an image.


I was taken by the small white storage tanks and how they mirrored the clouds in the sky and how they all contrasted with the green of the fields.

So after making the image, which really took all of 30 seconds, if that, I was back in the saddle and off up the road to conquer another hill and fly down another declining roadway, keeping my mouth closed and the bugs out of my teeth.

A few days later, I was back on my bike and noticed another "road" photograph (remember, I just invented this field of photography.). Round bales of hay in a field with dark rain clouds hanging over head. It was time to stop and smell the roses. (Clearly, there were no roses to be smelled and that too is not germane to this post, but you get the idea.)

Hay Bales

I was particularly attracted to the lone bale on the left. The other bales looked line or group of cyclists all riding together. The lone bale reminded me of me. I ride alone. I do not belong to a cycling club or ride with others. I'm often passed these days by others, in fact most other cyclists, or group of cyclists, but that is not germane to this post; but it is a fact.

The hills reminded me of the roads I ride in and around the Burlington/Waterdown area. This area is strewn with some large and steep hills that climb the Niagara Escarpment and lots of other smaller, yet still steep ones that provide a cycling challenge to the most ardent cyclist.

I've often heard that a photo must say something to be meaningful. Well that last one is a metaphor for me and the rides I take in and around where I live.

Happy cycling and happy photo making. (And that is german to this post!)


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A Mind's Eye Photography is dedicated to the novice, and not-so-novice, photographer.

"For the camera, the creative moment is brief - a compelling, ephemeral collision of event and artist. Extreme awareness combined with unobtrusiveness becomes the context the photographer must work within."

Ken Ruth.

If you are new to photography, or simply want to expand your current knowledge level, you've come to the right place! As your knowledge and skills grow, you'll find ideas that challenge you to think beyond the image displayed on the back of your DSLR camera.

For now, I'll keep things simple. But over time, this site will grow. Photography is a wonderful hobby and a fantastic creative outlet. I invite you to have some fun and join me.

"Leap into the boundless and make it your home." Chuang-Tzu.

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Edward Eastman Bio:

My photography passion started in the days of film at Ryerson University. I learned to take pictures in the light and make prints in the dark. Watching a black and white image rise up through the developer was magical. I was hooked! As I progressed, my passion and desire grew the magic as I realized all the possibilities of the B&W image. It wasn't easy, but then nothing of value ever is. Later, I discovered colour and all its possibilities.

The digital sensor revolutionized photography. Whether that is for the better is matter of personal opinion. For me, the digital camera has re-ignited two great passions in my life - photography and teaching. Beginning in early 2002, I began teaching photography at a local art center. My goal was to make learning fun and exciting. To see if I could infect my students with my love and passion for the photographic image. I still teach that course and love every second of it. I still create images and love every second of it.

The basics principles of photography have not changed. It is not the camera that takes a better picture, but the eye, the mind and the spirit behind the camera that matters. There were, and always will be, some photographers who are "gear crazy". They believe that possessing the latest and greatest technology will magically make them better photographers. That is simply not so.

As a photographer and an artist, I am always learning. I learn from photographers (past and present), writers, artists, musicians and from my students I am privileged to teach. The passion some students show is amazing. They are hungry to learn the technology and itching to express their spirit.

I'll continue to learn and continue to grow as an artist and I'll continue developing new courses and material for my web site so I can infect others with my love of photography.

For me, passionate photography is a life long journey with no end in sight. For it is not the destination that matters, but the path you tread. I urge you to join me on this path.

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